Linking Conduct to Culture & Values

The link between conduct and culture cannot be overstated. Most of our clients have a strong corporate culture that influences the way their people behave, for better or worse. That’s why we believe values should be front and centre of our clients’ business. Bringing values to life in an organisation can help prevent employees engaging in the kind of scandals that have recently rocked the financial services and other industries. We believe in the following core principles when designing and embedding your corporate values:

  • Your existing culture needs to be assessed to form the basis of your core values, identifying cultural strengths as well as weaknesses and how values can be used to address these;
  • Values need to be role-modelled by leadership – the way management behave sets the tone for the rest of your organisation. If leaders are not walking the walk, this does more damage than not having values in the first place;
  • Values should be brought to life with examples of what they mean in practice. Grade or department specific ‘values in action’ work best to highlight the desired behaviours;
  • Processes, policies and structures all need to be assessed in light of your organisational values – do these support your values or act as barriers to employees living the values?
  • Seek feedback – reward those who live and breathe the values and empower people to confront those who don’t.