Supporting your Colleagues’ Journey to the Cloud

Half of the world's population is connected (, Dec 2016). Customers have increased power through on-demand access to knowledge with increased competition through reduced barriers to entry and increased globalisation.

To survive organisations need to keep up with the constantly evolving digital world and embrace new technologies. Cloud computing overcomes barriers to innovation with access to an experimental playground of leading edge tools and applications, providing greater agility and speed to market.

Yet just moving to the cloud solves nothing. The real value can only be fully unlocked by navigating the people challenges. “Recruiting, developing, motivating, and retaining highly skilled, talented people is the single biggest barrier to CIO success” (Forbes Top 10 CIO Priorities, Jan 2017). To become a digital predator rather than prey, companies need to enter and win the war for talent.

Wharton Business Consulting can help you consider and address your strategic people challenges: assessing your organisational health to embrace digitising your business; identifying what people/skills you need to drive your ambition and cultivating a culture that enables people to thrive in the new world.